First off, young man, you ought think to have a titles title page, at some safe subsequent stage. Off left, of course.

I don’t like this double-spaced paragraph ‘enter’ entreaty anti treatment, so this the first …what did they call it? ‘theme’, might well not last…

Finish what you were just doing before that newly occasion thought undoing, right, so I was wanting to make sure that the title, as is above, ‘Once upon a…’ does not get neglected, because these things need be snappy, in this chapping chapter of double spaced human-nature, or basic lack of patience and venture fixes id-ent-hoc fixatives, ha ha, fad-hoc of anti-anticipation pro=proliferation, impatient impudence…but hey youth is for the quickening…but not the revitalising, relative to all those any, beyond 33 wearing any kind of cartoon printed apparel, save where the sun dont shite.

Where was I? where were you? where was we?

Oh yes, titles, finish yours, in box, if so after sift a later is of more immediate gift, change shift.

Once upon a While, Once in a time;

Once in a knit IT ties me to time…back to front.

There we move along, for this the first of my posts, pauses, calls, collects…I am sure things will later be sub-categorised and and catalogued mine wise, so not of the clock variety, it would seem well to surmise.

Before sunrise, that is.

So, odd occurrences or notorious riots of each day, I would not like to think so easily forgotten or un-offered of  fondness or even offence, lets pretend lest we forget…no regret where the mind was a matter of neglect…to correct, reflect and certainly null nipped of an edit.

Lest we forget, least we omit, less we edit, last we regret.

No fret, no limit, no edit, save but to add n tag, Rag n Royal, Write n Wail. Hmm, slight of sight so somewhat at a stump’d point.

So wont force this, just nice, to have the thoughts joined force finger flutter enjoyment back with me for the time being trigger.

See you anon, soon as spared tomorrows snooze. So any emit between now and time tomorrows omit.

Quilliup, Giddy-up goodnight.