So far so good, it all good if it so n so, cause there no swap in pause, it all good, ever there being caused. Distance is so so. Like this like that, as long as you like, you got it twice back, to right the front.

All we do is spin, REALLY.

I’ll make this one light, just the first true telling post, of last late, the night was all for the thank soothe spelling.

It was from a ‘thread’ speaking of what a picture wants, though no picture does my gaze haunts else sight goes my daze,

Post one;

So perhaps modern art presence is more of our place in front of it, of us finding and discovering it, possibly productive pretence.
Rather than what was of post taste artistic vernacular being that it discovered us, it came before us, not any longer so drawn out and taught, a thing of Court, now we are the teachers of that heart.

Simply answering the question, ‘What do pictures want?’ Us to grant them an audience. Acclaim. Us to lay our claim to its frame of self styled home made domain.
The art of history orders its ownership outlasting us and certainly ‘fame’.

Modern art is famous. We forward its worldly worth.
Ask instance. Hint of here.
Ageless art is infamous. It ward for our worth Worldly.
Task insistence. Inherent of hereafter.


Post 2;

My previous point being, that pictures, used to demand to be seen to be believed, and now more so than ever, pictures are a scene, that the ‘viewer’ is part of, that the art is for the masses, because it of their choice, rather than as history, it gives you the voice.
Pictures used to want to change and challenge the world, now they settle for a self styled mantle of individually owned, not the historic unified owed.
Art used to insist it bonded us all, now it little less than a commentary ode to the individual.
It used to insist before personal taste, now it butt beyond, fad faceted haste.


Post three;

Upon its end, I had the thought, a reminder from today, that I had had a few enjoyable, I think uniquely relate-able thoughts, that would have translated to others well, I would venture a fancy. If I could recall them…

Then I was reminded of something a contact had just said, that had been told to them, ‘you think too much’, I had some varying thoughts upon this, but in relation et retaliation to this post of yours;
I have to say, it takes time to think, more so, to experience, enough to illicit uniquely translatable thoughts, more so, to translate in your own language and art and skill…it all takes time and effort, it all takes energy and desire or Requirement.

Now I do agree with you, that there ought be more art and what that therein and what is out there, that needs to be … considered.
They are doing it, be sure of this, however…we need to have the will and wish to dig for it.
Success is simply a matter of the right person at the right time with the right endorsement that triggers a payment for the privilege.
But that being said, I do agree with you, more so about the fact that there more so an aversion to sharing ones ideas, because of the … idiocy et sanity that has them think that these ideas and thoughts and experiences will be ‘stolen’. Which can only mean one thing, not that another will be sharing in their ideals and proposals and Philosophies, but that someone else will get paid for it and they will miss out on that pay check, tick, gold star, brownie point.
Recognition. More so now, Fame, if it can be bought and sold, a can of soup is what it is condensed into…individuality looking for approval…what a contra-drama that tis, modernity tisk tisk tisk 15 minutes, only got one life, fix fax fux…it all about now
It all so much a matter of competition, not relation nor relativity, really, success in this day means equity, certainly not equality.
There we go.

I would go on more about this, but i wish to do so in my blog, HA HA, however, I have to plug, that mine is private.
Duality to the equity, in deed, in debt.


I’ll leave it there for the time being, and if nothing else further of your considered thought, perhaps, right there is something to stare are for a while, for the ‘Time Being’, what do you consider to there of there fore, there en their being a Being a Be C ausing a scene obSeen…ly.

Good and well, Night.

Quite what Will I stayed up for of or…