Ambigulation ambigation ambulation…ah ha I found one that was ‘spelled’ correctly, right, so ambigulation means the ‘lation’ of ambiguous. Not a presence et pretensile (a ‘sile’ of pretence). It ‘ambigulation’ has to mean to a point, the population regulation congratulation of ambiguous, so I would think a broadly ambiguous social understanding or production. Now I doubt that the ‘ambulation’ has too much context where it comes or goes from ‘ambiguous’, I try to figure it out on my ownsome, I think ‘ambulance’, I think of ‘amble’ ‘amputation’ and then I reference ‘ambush’…hmm, quite pertinent to the post I … posted elsewhere tonight, I am about to post here and make more of a dearness and self impress and reveal, if I’ll have me for it and the time it takes to be able to save and give me from it.

For I do wonder what a thought taught or brought-forth is for, if not for the forwarding or for the simple, albeit at times regrettable ability and affinity I find in the forgetting.

What else is a thought shared for, but to remove it, move on from it, to a form, forget it?

So ‘ambigulation’, shall we check to see what the possible side-kick of its correct refer reflected fee, ‘ambulation’, might fully aware be?
I was considering ‘amputation’ and then the ‘ample’ I suppose became ‘amble’…so an ambulation, has to ‘ulate’ or ‘ulation’ an amble, I think ’emulate’ et ’emulation’…it seems to me, likeness. The likeness of an amble, or the amble of a likeness…so I tend to correct my further fund finding ‘ambigulation’ as a likeness or movement, so possibly a consensus upon or of, because, was, does…ambiguate…’act like ambiguity’, so a show…again, a relation or understanding of another…okay this is getting old, and I dont wish to bore ya, well, me.
I will simply, for that is my point, at this recent venture, at best being, served et seating, simply being.

This is the post I did there elsewhere than here, post, think, toast and shrink, here I dont need to curb my enthusiasm, though sadly not the sort that shall be openly more able to be witnessed as such, though happily, I am here, in the eyes of my beholder, Me. I may walk the world, one eye observed, the other obscured, the third obsurd (yes yes Obsurd)(ha, the obfuscation of absurd iteration en liferation-)it personal production so no con nor pro, to en fro( liberation irate-ation-)not the rash but the germ( ultimate attempt at anti-illiteration )which is the litigation et literation notion of unconsidered illiteracy(-)which ultimately I think is what alliteration can aspire en despair-disparity-)depravity? maybe?(-)no, if needs be ‘dispart-ion-ity'( addnauseum¬† addendum-b)-we here, for the first time maybe, ‘obbed’ in stead of added…I could go on, but then where would we belong? enough to leave? or certainly ‘enough’ of an alter (-ate, Smile)
Reef (refresh the rift)(nope, I dont ‘smoke’ did, once upon a when, dont Now, is what n why my pen depends)(I do somewhat blow though, stupid insipid tobacco, though, this writing lark goes to show, the smoke aint host, when I make myself known, as in wherein where we are write now, the game of thought, (that one’ll wait for a bit)
Reef; I may walk the world, one eye observed, the other obscured, the ‘possibility self O-ssured n scored’ (Ha, I found Oz)…third obsurd serving and served, however I do have sight of both before and beyond light, life and Right.

This post kind of proves that or unprovides the Loner stud-dud (which might actually mean ‘stupid’)( a dud that sprays or shoots it, not blanks, but likely a ‘plank’)(yes, a self description here and there it is, and just why I cant presently bare to be near or to hear it) Loner, self styled class of unsatisfaction en unfunction en unclassifaction en unencore…moi en store if I keep proudly myself the ‘Loner’ of score.

Ah, there was a post previous to this one, that I have just linked, so it might be prudent to post that first, as it has obviously led to the latter, most recent, that I am here, trying (honestly) trying (correctly) to post here and ‘now’, though, seriously upon dismissing of a thought, perhaps, rephaps, it just so happened that this is what led to that happening, in other words, what is now, led me to then, ‘before’ now, so in a sense of reference, what is now, led me to what was then when, not when then, -pre-hence post-tence might well as will may post-hence pre-tence.

I led my way to where I came from.
(a Ways B fores)

My form leaves to where I was following…I think, yes, better, upon correction, but I think for future reference, you show your workings, else how will you ever be able to plot the plant.

The post, I was and now will post, first, though came last before this…

And of course, we come to the course, I now dont know if relative or relevant, as the post puts me over the 1000 words counter, which I did previously state I would make more of the less of, for the considerations of those who might be reading, or trying to read … this, me…

So the now, surly infamous post, to come first, though post to the host of most note, which leads us to wonder or wander towards Notorious and his little Nothing, anyway, I am curbing this exaggeration of the needed, surly need of fought for thought, to the next post, where, I will make short commentary upon what we have been seeking, and shall now be the second part to the trinity, that will also have the third part, be right where our start ended,

All my Me.