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Hello there, I dont live in the US of A, so I dont have much of an opinion upon your process nor politics.
I only read the last page of posts, and I just wished to reply to Gee, though of course, as in any open environment, I encourage you to inform or correct, if any of what I say within your earshot, you feel or think incorrect.

The first thought was about the African stats that ‘claim’ that most deaths are not caused by guns, I simply thought, ‘registered’ guns, or ‘registered’ Reason as to how and why that person was killed.
Oh, I happen of the think that anything of an explosive force, including land-mines, grenades, TNT-even etc is considered as a Fire-arm, therefore ‘gun’.

Also what you said about the US of As’ prison system and mental health ‘institutions’, I believe to be correct, however to add to this, something that might be generally considered by people, so no thought to mention, however I have never heard it mentioned, and not considering myself as general, I also have to point out, Population increase.
There are more people, of course there are going to be more people in jail.
And then i am sure if you measure the government officials and officers percentage lowering, I tend to think that over ALL we are doing better than if ever there were a before.
I heard something recently, now I am not sure if it was planetary or just my ‘great’ country, but the stats confirmed that murder had lowered in comparison of an ‘all time low’.
This really cheered me up about the masses.

On a personal note concerning this thread progenitory post, I was wary of posting in this threads’ topic elsewhere, due to what the media dubbed the poor individual who did such a frightening and unnatural act…,
(going to add to the theory of that which ‘consists as natural’ if it finds or builds the means in which to extinguish that their your MY entire ‘chapter’ of what would be thereon unable to be regarding as ‘natural’),…
and the point I think might more apply to the general ilk of philosophers, Loner, I used to classify even class myself as such, to hear that ‘tag’ for the young ‘man’s’ position- within a social understanding of classification, I think reckless, prejudiced and irresponsible. Dangerous.
It makes the world revert to thinking of or acting like the Sheriff of Marley’s song and the Rambo first blood part 1diot.

Oh, and I dont honestly think it ‘respect’ that stops you if held by a gun point. But certainly fear, and we all have misunderstood the fear/respect paradoxical contradiction.
The only ‘thing’ that needs and can claim to need both fear and respect, would never hold a gun to our head.

It so funny, sort of, or threatening, someone today on the street, stopped me and asked me how to spell, ‘amunition’, I can see now clearly I got it wrong. Gladly.


Right we have that in-of-the-way or out-of-the-stay.

The title, just quickly, basically reflects the All in all of this, or that which most binds us All, the municipal comes to mind, as does the Missionary, so the Courts and the Calling and then the sub title, which i think might be better served as C n t till called. I dont know, I think i have to keep it as is, for the time being, and if something else comes up, I’ll change it up. But I particularly enjoy the last part of the second, ‘Pre-Dict’, there a lot any old dud or sot, bud or son of the soil could make of and grate off of that. Willingly or blindfully, I am not too sure, at the moment, whether this blog, will be remaining public, no offence, however, I am sure, I am taken and sought for such as the off of so so sense, which by knowing so, I also have to join the crowd upon that rowed.

Now, I suppose I had better list the things within this that I might want to expand or depend en deep depress upon in some to none other way. Later in life, or as we might see, yesterday.

‘Registered Reason’ for anything, really, however in this case sensitive particular, it RR of Murder, as it would seem to a point, any unregistered not really a Reason regulate. And a Registered Un-reason would be, at a supposition, though not substantiated as of yet, if ever, of reported Criminal activity, or simply the seal of insanity, which would be…, for a start Murder, or suicide, basic Committed, Institution-stationed, (I was going to say ‘institutionalised’ however, that too broadly applicable to be…the ‘world’-first evil, so therefore this too, true of a register of un-reason; Evil)(The three known Biblical evils being the ‘world’ the ‘flesh’ and the ‘devil’)(so applicable but, nope no but, I think that the answer, be off with the end of the bracket, for that!

‘Poor’ properly, fully and truly has nothing to do with external property, nothing at all really does, Poor the most applicable to that of the mind, spirit or body, those ‘things’ we cannot be bought, sold, or got-shot of, other than, sadly evil-murder or insanity-suicide. Pauper a matter of material, but people are lazy and equate way too easily and forgetfully, pauper is close to poor, Poor is weakness, fragility, vulnerability, if money and amassing is of no process nor conquest for thee, then you are stronger than the ‘man’ with the most of that, but no heart. Nor offered hand.

Unnatural, being examined and explained, as simply insanity, that which kills itself, or learns how to. And of course evil, murder, which diverge but do have emergence. NOT Man. Not kind.

The thinker is the aloner. I wonder if we when together gathered, are actually thinking and not simply thoughtfully reacting. So maybe while alone we prepare for togather, or when together we decompare to be able to bare or bathe in eachs own Altogether.

We dress to impress, we disrobe to implode?…I dont quite think so, abode is abide is reside…I used to think that home, meant to host access, to dress to impress, I dont terribly follow this any longer, now it is certainly more so a case of Host to accede.

Maybe the ‘other’ the party, is a matter of Host as a means to be able to amble better and obey more so, either…the other or the neither?

We have run over yet again, lets make it the correct amount after account.