Sweating out the Vain Wednesday, Dec 19 2012 

So, we were speaking of the physical exercise today, that what I meant by ‘session’ participation. Well I tend to think it better put, previously, introductorily, somewhat of a catch up to post here, what other posts or pages I had added to a ‘thread’ elsewhere, otherwise…

Where we were discussing or debating our share of our each own workable outer reach, work-out stretch and streak, do please forgive when I speak, if you find that I preach.

Post the first;

New work-out I dropped out…of

100 sit-ups
90 knee lunges
80 leg raises
700 metres rowing
60 bar-raises
50 kettle-bell thrusts,swings
40 …
30 …
20 …
10 …
I forget what the last ones were, I only made it to the kettle bell swings, before I dropped-out, I managed this in 33 mins, not at all optimum.

33×60=99x2x10=180+18×10=1980divide by 450=about one movement/exercise every 4 seconds, I think…

4.4 seconds, you know what, I dont think that that bad…felt like crap afterwards though.


(Me pre ‘Post the second’) Post t 2nd is in conversation with szpecific contact, close to what I could have grown to accuse as a pal, mate, chum possible of applied maturing into friend, but I am not one to lend or depend upon such ripening…;

Post the second;

I always found that some consistent CV helps with headaches, not running in this case, but the cross-trainer might be a good solution. Movement momentum rather than padding pounding and beating berating.

You are, of course correct, my trainer says about 45 minutes per session is best to do, due to the build up of, I think ‘lactic’ acid in the body and it needs time to clear its self of this. Though that does not mean you can only do one work-out a day, just give it a few hours between them. But the one I just described had me wobble for most the rest of yesterday…Till today, slightly stiff, may go for some CV myself later, but might save it for tomorrow, Hooray, tomorrow a muscle building day and maybe some of this new cool running thing I do, forget the name, but you basically build up speed and then for about five to ten minutes, you sprint Reeeally fast for thirty seconds and then jog for a minute, then speed up again and back down, I really liked that last week, but did sadly take up too much of the muscle session, though did do some good work on my shoulders earlier this week.


(Me now, or when now was when I was then at that there then now) Oh yes, any question I do Here, this blog, pose, or posit, or plug open socket, I would hope you yourself, dear reader, feel at freest last least liberty fast feast, fleet of thought feat, to reply, of the answer kind any way or kind reply you care to say.

Post the third;

What supplements do you take? and for what, exactly?

I got some of my own today too, though it still the 30th, one behind you. Not really ‘on’ tick or credit when it comes to being alive, right?

(Me ode now)meow(-t’will be from now known) (Life and health being the ticket of self imposed praise at practice un-limited access, as only the self edits what your Creation accredits, only thing owed of Creation is the awe of its credit…new-limitless)

What do you, if you do, know about Taurine? As a supplement, of course, rather than the horribly expensive fizzy caffeine added drinks?

I dont know how you can ‘take’ a sedative and still have any energy to accomplish the things we would like to accomplish along our sweaty way…any real advantage, or do you actually thrive on the added difficulty level that they might bring?
You know, like it is somewhat harder to work-out first-thing in the morning, but some people push this difficulty level by only doing such a thing at such an un-time as that…)done gong gung dong(

I bench-pressed about 55kg today, I am happy with that, but strangely I dont feel half as ‘pumped’ as i did last week, nor the week before, in-fact i simply feel lubricated, enough to have though to go and have a run shortly, or even away to the gym with me, after my soup, which is lacking in protein, sadly. But gladly for the added vits of the veg and spices, herbs and dices.

Overall good day, could have done better. WILL do better. cant afford the trainer for a couple of weeks, so it back to my own effort of my own making.

Thanks for listening, any reply would be delightening.


It was of a course, this ‘thread’ that led me to the decision to keep myself more of formed self in process of focus, as you’ll start to see, progress, with the occasional request, of joint address, towards the things that work us out, up and altogatherly stout.

I also, have just noticed, of my own self interest, for your invest, that a too long post, simply makes for a lonesome host, so I am going to keep, them -the published Here particular posts to as little above 729 words right then, )not now( so no more than 777 shall I send, in any one sittings’ strain.

Though as now has caught up with us, upon an extension add-it, any thing and all counts are not claimed. But I will try to keep them to overawe-all-ly under a ton of ten, if I have my slang of the Briton correct, a Kilo of mishmash meter 1000 marks wide a wade, mile I made.

Carriages are after all the more enjoyable a ride, suited towards stations nations momentums pride, than tracts so clashing and prolonging, as to collude against joint class cast belonging.

Carriages are after all the more enjoyable a ride, suited towards stations on nations momentums pride. Rather than tracts ganged so prolonged and clanging, as to collude against joint class caste ballet belonging.



Waiting upon Wane Wednesday, Dec 19 2012 

So, sadly I am of a mind that my day is only already done, which makes me wonder about my own perforce of life forced…is an insubstantial existence of impersonal performance.

Got up, got dressed, for the session, always brings me a be a bout of focussed fondness, when I have the ‘problem’ of body at high beat, to solve and sweat out, as neatly as one might be of possibility.

Meaning, basically, I set out my clothes for the morning, clothes that are ultimately going to be running and ruined with sweat and an impressed extended chest…

This double-spaced paragraph sentence, is of high annoyance…

5 hours later, it really did annoy me. (tee-hee-dee) so at this juncture, this post, I started to quote other older elsewhere exercise wonders, but I will make this the post end, of the first published fissure of send. I shall be sorting out the double entr terrible, in the meaningful mean of full time, while away, feel free to while away with thought to report n retort to the quaint ditty n quality sissy, that is my blog and its content contentity relativity, please do feel free, at liberty, at any of your own styled time, to drop me a line and request my mundane opine upon anything…opening of option.

Feel free to critique, me, for at some closer juncture I shall be doing so of my entire entwined world, minus the evil that is of a faithless faceless man un kind.


Once upon a While Tuesday, Dec 18 2012 

First off, young man, you ought think to have a titles title page, at some safe subsequent stage. Off left, of course.

I don’t like this double-spaced paragraph ‘enter’ entreaty anti treatment, so this the first …what did they call it? ‘theme’, might well not last…

Finish what you were just doing before that newly occasion thought undoing, right, so I was wanting to make sure that the title, as is above, ‘Once upon a…’ does not get neglected, because these things need be snappy, in this chapping chapter of double spaced human-nature, or basic lack of patience and venture fixes id-ent-hoc fixatives, ha ha, fad-hoc of anti-anticipation pro=proliferation, impatient impudence…but hey youth is for the quickening…but not the revitalising, relative to all those any, beyond 33 wearing any kind of cartoon printed apparel, save where the sun dont shite.

Where was I? where were you? where was we?

Oh yes, titles, finish yours, in box, if so after sift a later is of more immediate gift, change shift.

Once upon a While, Once in a time;

Once in a knit IT ties me to time…back to front.

There we move along, for this the first of my posts, pauses, calls, collects…I am sure things will later be sub-categorised and and catalogued mine wise, so not of the clock variety, it would seem well to surmise.

Before sunrise, that is.

So, odd occurrences or notorious riots of each day, I would not like to think so easily forgotten or un-offered of  fondness or even offence, lets pretend lest we forget…no regret where the mind was a matter of neglect…to correct, reflect and certainly null nipped of an edit.

Lest we forget, least we omit, less we edit, last we regret.

No fret, no limit, no edit, save but to add n tag, Rag n Royal, Write n Wail. Hmm, slight of sight so somewhat at a stump’d point.

So wont force this, just nice, to have the thoughts joined force finger flutter enjoyment back with me for the time being trigger.

See you anon, soon as spared tomorrows snooze. So any emit between now and time tomorrows omit.

Quilliup, Giddy-up goodnight.